Divorce Mediation in New Hampshire

In New Hampshire all divorce and legal separation actions in which there are minor children and in parenting petition cases involving unresolved parenting arrangements, the support of children and spouses and the division of real and personal property are referred to mandatory mediation, provided the parties are represented by an attorney and there are no allegations of abuse or neglect. Mediation attempts to change disputes from "win-lose" to "win-win" by providing a non-adversarial process of conflict resolution with the help of a neutral, trained third-party. The third party mediator assists you and your spouse to resolve the issues that are causing conflict.

A successful mediation can help you resolve your case so that you are able to have an uncontested divorce. Mediation can be particularly useful in situations involving children, because it is in the interests of the children that their parents find a way to "get along" even if they could no longer do so for the sake of their marriage.

Even when minor children are not in the picture, courts may nevertheless order participation in mediation in cases in which final orders have been issued if those cases return for further court orders.

"Family mediation" means the mediation of disputes in actions for divorce, annulment, establishment of paternity, child custody or visitation, or in cases in which a party seeks to obtain child or spousal support.

In cases of domestic violence and the parties agree to mediate despite the existence of a protective order, all mediations will take place at the courthouse.

Mediation programs can be very beneficial to people who are divorcing as well as to those who have long been divorced but who find themselves in a dispute in their post-divorce relationship. Not only can it save money but it also promotes positive dispute resolution rather than adversarial procedures. That being so, mediation is well worth investigating by any couple facing divorce, a child custody fight, a visitation dispute, or other interpersonal conflict.


Rules of the Family Division of the State of NH, Section 2.13 Domestic Relations/Mediation

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