New Hampshire Alimony

Alimony payments can be awarded to a party who

  • lacks sufficient income and/or assets to provide for reasonable needs, taking into account the style of living to which the couple had become accustomed during the marriage (as long as the party paying alimony is also able to meet reasonable needs);
  • is unable to be self-supporting through appropriate employment at a standard of living that meets reasonable needs; and
  • requests it within 5 years of the divorce decree.

Factors used to determine alimony awards include:

  • length of the marriage;
  • each party's age;
  • health;
  • social or economic status;
  • occupation;
  • amount and sources of income;
  • work skills;
  • employability;
  • assets;
  • liabilities;
  • expectation of future assets and income; and
  • noneconomic contributions of each party to the marriage.

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